Sunday, September 18, 2005

Perfect Gentleman

SO, its been a long week or so since I have been back in town. Ups (Coldplay concert), downs (Jags losing), and everything in between. Mostly Ty and I have been at each others throat and that sucks and leaves me with nothing to write about. I am a loyal fan of the saying " if you can't say anything nice..." you know the rest. But today, I decided that: if you can't say anything nice, just bring up something else. So I decided to take a few minutes to spotlight the other 2 Thomas P's in my life. TP III, my father in law, and TP V, my son. Lets start with my son TJ, which stands for Ty Jr. ..Ty (my husband) actually is a nickname for Thomas P IV, and it comes from the first letter of Thomas and the last letter of his last name (which starts with a P). So, since it gets really confusing if there are 3 Toms alive, you have to be creative after a certain number if you want to keep the family name kickin'. I just learned all this in the last 2 years. Hence the name Ty was created, and then Ty Jr, which doesn't really even make any sense, since his name is still Thomas, but whatever. I wanted his name to be Frankie anyway. Thats his middle name, Franklin. Isn't Frankie cute? He looks like a Frankie and sometimes when no one is around, I call him that. Shhh...don't tell. I know I am wired. Oh- and my parents call him A.J. because they think he looks more like me and thats where the A comes in. Poor kid will have an identity crisis when he is 3. Anyway, our favorite little prince and I spent all weekend cleaning out the attic and my office and his nursery and when it was all over, TJ donated 3 huge boxes of clothes and toys and diapers and the like to the Red Cross. The kid has a bigger wardrobe than Jessica Simpson, I promise you that. So I kept my favorite little cuites, and the rest I washed, folded, set with matching socks and little matching caps and lay them lovingly in boxes. Holy crap there was so much, I swear our house is 100 lbs lighter now. He really wanted to help the survivors in some way. What an angel. Today we went to watch the Jag game at our favorite little Italian restaurant and it was closed except to friends and family. So, here is the part where I brag about my son. All day we heard over and over again:
1) He has the most beautiful blue eyes!!
2) He is so happy all the time!!
3) He is the most mild mannered, sweet, good tempered, happiest, ever!!
I know...I mean Thank You! He had the time of is life, and then passed out in my arms while we were watching Sports Center waiting for them to say how the Jags were ROBBED by the refs today. It was the sweetest thing ever.
ok, so TP III- my father in law. What a man. He, like TJ, is the sweetest, happiest , most generous, smartest, and good tempered man. He has a heart of gold and likes to share everything with everyone. Aside from being many local business owners (one being a very famous and public local business) and on all of the city boards and all of the big things that go on around here, and in America, he is a volunteer, a campaigner, and an amazing grandfather. I consider him one of my closest male friends. He works very hard for this city and he deserves all of the positive recognition he gets, and I continue to be very proud of him. I hope I am not crossing the line by quoting him a few things here, because he has some good ones. And I can't help it.
1) ..on taking the shortcut through the not so good part of town "I don't like to go that way. I think the hood lives in there"
2)..on the Vans Warped Tour in Jax "I saw that concert on the news. Everyone in the crowd was pushing each other in some sort of aggressive circle dance"
3)..on flying the friendly sky's "Why fly commercial?"
4) personal favorite "Anything my daughter in law says is right"
I love him, and V.
and IV too. He is 97% perfect. Maybe I need to stop focusing on the 3% and enjoy the majority. And he should do the same ♥

Friday, September 02, 2005

Troubled in Paradise

I am writing this pool side from our hotel in Mexico right now. They bring you laptops and ipods and stuff here. Its crazy. There is actually little you can't do here, they pretty much offer everything there is to offer, including, but not limited to a sunglasses cleaning by hand at your pool chair a few times a day. What they cannot provide, however, is a mental escape for me and my husband for what is going on down south right now. This tragedy is so heartbraking, and I can barely turn on the TV or pick up a paper without crying and can barely enjoy the gorgeous view I have right now without feeling guilty. We have 2 close friends from NO, we visit them every May and go to Jazz Fest with them. Actually they were supposed to be on this trip with us right now. We believe they are in Thailand right now, but we have no way to get ahold of them and are very worried. We are keeping them and all of their friends we have gotten to know over the last 5 years of Jazz Fest in our hearts and prayers this week and have to believe they are all OK right now. American will get through this, changed forever, but we will get through all of this. Please give to the American Red Cross if you have the means. They have already received over a million in private donations. Everything helps.
We are having a very nice time here. Mexico is my favorite country, the people are all warm and friendly, the food is incredible, I speak the languagge (ha ha - I can fake it when I am drunk) and I love the Mexican architecture and soul. I know you want to know, so here is the list of celebs we have seen: Debra Messing, Queen Latifah, Estrella Ward, and a pro-cyclist who rides with Lance Armstrong. Its the life, it really is. I wish all of you could be here with me, but more than anything I wish I was somewhere helping someone instead. Ty and I were wondering why we are alwyas in paradise when something horrible happens, We had just gotten to Hawaii and woke up to Sept 11th . It makes it hard to enjoy.
We are doing our best :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

En espanol por favor...

I just wanted to say adios for a few days while I am in Mexico. I figured out how to stop people from leaving comment spam too. Maybe I will check in from Cabos. We are off for the airport.
Tenga una gran semana, y piense en mi cuanda usted bebe un margarita!
Adios amigos!
Tubie :)
ps- I bought the new death cab for cutie CD that came out this morning for the trip. Its so good already. And I finally broke down and bought American Idiot. I promised someone I would give it a listen to or 2. I don't know why I can't get into Green Day, but I liked Dookie, so its only fair of me to try it.
I will let you know.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Gifts and Curses

wow- am I really getting solicited on here? I think I had 5 comments on my last blog and only one of them was from someone who wasn't trying to sell me hearing aids or some electric handicap scooter. Wait, am I supposed to be getting some kind of hint here? Granted, I am actually going deaf I think, but thats for me to worry about in 10 years from now. Seriously, have yall ever had someone leave comments about how to make money on the internet or selling something? I just can't handle it.
ok- so yes, I actually got my "in" to Diddy's party. Ha- the punch line there is that there is this hurricane and so I rescheduled the trip for Sat. I thought it would be a mess down there and the way they had it coming, it was going to be a mad storm tonight. I actually think now that everything will be fine tonight and he will probably still have his party tonight and I won't be there now. Have I told you how much I hate hurricanes? I had, like actually HAD TJ during one, then when he was 2 weeks old, we had to evacuate and lost power for 5 days for Ivan. Thats fun. And then my first trip away from him (a month later), I get stuck in Atlanta and can't get home. Which was sorta OK because Incubus, Chris Webber, and some reality show cast- was stuck in our same hotel with us and we all hung at the hotel bar all night and made the best of it. I think Lisa and I tormented Brandon from Incubus until he was walking around shirtless, and I think maybe Chris Webber and his entourage took us to dinner. HOWEVER, I was so sad because I missed TJ. And I hate hurricanes. And poor Panama City and the panhadel, they get so worked, bless their hearts. I feel so bad when this stuff happens. Mother Nature doesn't fuck around. I hope she gives them a break this time.
The Jags didn't look too good last night, but it was good to see some old friends at the game.
TJ's 1 yr old appointment with Dr. Horn went really well yesterday. He is growing - slowly and steadily. He got some horrible shots (vaccines) and was so upset, but is cute as ever today. And in a great mood. He forgave us.
AND you're not going to believe it, they are pouring the marcite in the pool bottom as I type this, and they are going to start filling it up tonight. I had a Come To Jesus (I guess you call it) with one of the guys and I think it worked. I was sure any and all screaming and 'you sucks' would always fall on deaf ears, but hey, here they are and I am not complaining anymore today.
I am leaving in the morning for Miami, have a great weekend :)

Monday, August 22, 2005

(Don't fear) The Reaper

I am finally recovered from TJ's Birthday Weekend Extravaganza. The house is clean, the cake is gone, and the grandparents have gone back to Texas. Both parties were a smash, the backstage Zoo trip to meet Raffie was fun, but hot..(Raffie is the baby giraffe that Ty and I adopted, and actually named, at the Jacksonville Zoo charity auction in honor of our son TJ )here is an article about her )...AND of course the fashion show was life changing. TJ is a born model, naturally. And then Monday my trainer told me that if I wanted to kick it into high gear right before Mexico, I should do a 14 day crash South Beach Diet, while doing 45 mins of cardio everyday (sundays I rest) and continuing with weights 3 days a week. I said I would do it. And then he took off to Vegas. This is my 6th day. This is a very strict diet, no alcohol, no sugar, no carbs...whatsoever...none at all... its harsh. I can sort of do the alcohol part- I did that for 10 months, although its rough. But the carbs are more of a convenience thing than a necessity, so thats hard, but I guess I like sugar more than I thought... I caved with cookies twice. And a beer Saturday night. There was a Jaguar game on TV...

ANYWAY!!!!! SIX FEET UNDER last night!!!
Oh my was my favorite show maybe of all times, (although 90210 is always where my heart will lie) ended last night. I was nervous for the ending.I had one of those sick feelings in my stomach all day... I haven't felt so strongly about a show ending in a long time, although I watched my friends tragically go through it with Friends and Sex in the City. They were devastated and now I know how they felt. I was sobbing. Uncontrollably. Sobbing. At a TV show. Its OK if you never want to read anything I write again, I understand. Who cries at this? Me. I do. The Fishers were as much a part of my family as Donna, David, Brenda and Dylan were. Note: Kelly Taylor was NEVER in my family or considered a friend after she stole Dylan (slut). But, as Claire drove away to move to NYC last night, my tears went from bad, to worse, to hysterically laughing as they showed the inevitable demise of the each family member and how they would all die. It was so morbidly beautiful and perfect. I thought it was the best finale I had ever seen. HBO has not let me down yet. It was an incredible ending to an incredible show. If you don't know the show, we can still be friends. It was written and directed by the extraordinary Alan Ball (American Beauty) and Kathy Bates directs(Misery). And if you have not seen even one episode of this show, I suggest you buy (rent) season one and start from HERE. Its amazing. A personal request from yours truly, Tubie Blair. I wouldn't steer you wrong. You can handle it. Don't be nervous. Or at the very least check out the SOUNDTRACK. Its amazing.
...and on a last note, I have someone working on tix for P. Diddy's Welcome Party for the VMA's next weekend in South Beach, its being held at The Mansion. It will probably not happen, but it never hurts to try. The Today Show had this thing last summer called "Live For Today" where you could write into their website and say one thing you have always wanted to do, or something you wanted to do before you die...mine was: to be invited to one of Diddy's parties.
I am sure my invite got lost in the mail.
The fucking pool guys probably took it. Yes, thats right, they are still working on my pool. Working might not be the right word.
Yes, I know the summer is almost over. Thank you.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

This Year's Love...

Here are the other three favorite songs, sorry it has taken me so long. Remember, I have this baby, he takes a lot of time...I can't pull myself away from him right niw, especially since it is his BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!

4)Ender Will Save Us All – Dashboard Confessional
I truly believe that Chris Carrabba somehow got into my head and took the words right out of my mouth when he wrote this song. Have you ever listened to a song and said-“I couldn’t have said it better myself”- this is that song for me. It is exactly how I feel about someone, and while things have changed a little between he and I since this song fisrt took over my car stereo and my head, I would still sing every single word to him, in my imagination of course. I would though, right to his face, if I ever had the opportunity. This may be the one song that I might just cry if I heard it live. – (sidebar: he does not play this song live).

5)Used to Love Her – Guns N Roses
You know I had to give Axl a shout in this list. Again, no real meaning in here to search for, but its just so much f’n fun to listen to. I remember driving around in my old suburban with this tape on, Lies Lies Lies, and we would scream out every single word to this song and mean it. So much fun.I am listening to it right now, and it is my most favorite song of today. It was a close one between it and Rocket Queen though. The bass on that one gets me. Duff McKagan. Mmmmmm….

6) I can’t decide. Somewhere between American Pie- Don McLean, Color Blind – Counting Crows, She Talks to Angels - Black Crows, Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd, Karma Police – Radiohead,, Peace, Love and Understanding – Elvis Costello, and um…Ignition (Remix) – R. Kelly…somewhere in there is the 6th favorite song. I can’t decide.

Tomorrow, today- 8/11, is TJ’s First birthday. Here are pictures of his most memorable year yet. I can’t believe its been a year. Holy smokes, it has gone by fast recently. I can’t believe a year ago, I was in the hospital having a baby! That part did not go by quickly at all. Neither did the first three months. But, we are having a big party this weekend, and there will be lots of family, friends, cake and giraffes. You can send all your birthday wishes for TJ to me, I will relay them to him, I promise.
Good nite ☺

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

trouble sleeping...

For the last three nights in a row, I have woken up around 2 and not been able to go back to sleep. So I heard that instead of laying there, you are supposed to get up and do something to take your mind off it, and then try again 30 mins later. So I thought it would be a good time to start on my list of my six favorite songs.
The minute Indigo gently” nudged me into this, not an easy task, the very first song that came to my head, randomly, was:

Santa Monica by Everclear.
I have always considered this one of my most favorite songs, the way it starts makes me turn up the volume every single time. It reminds me of when I made a huge life decision. I left small town-mountain life, which I had become extremely accustomed to for 6 years. I left all of my friends, sold my skis, packed up whatever fit in my Explorer and drove across the country. I moved to the beaches of Florida, following a guy I had met in math class. 10 years later, we just celebrated our 5 year anniversary and next week is the our son's first birthday. This song will always remind me of the summer I made that wise decision, to beside the ocean, leave the fire behind... etc.

Over The Hills and Far Away- Led Zeppelin
Although its hard to pick a favorite Zeppelin song, this one makes me the happiest and makes me feel all warm inside, like a little kid. … I love the acoustical beginning, and then it builds up a little and then WHAM it just starts rocking. I love the rolling bass line, the can''t help but turn it up as loud as it goes and everyone always sings the words at the top of their lungs...but... its also a great driving song when you are all alone... or, for that matter, when you are in highschool with all your girlfriends, smoking pot in your dads car and giggling at everything, and trying to explain, quite philisophically, what this means: Mellow is the man who knows what he''s been missing, many many men can'’t see the open road.…

Jane Says - Janes Addiction
Word on the street is that this is a true story, there really was a Jane, addicted to heroine, lived in some heroine den, with her shitty boyfriend Sergio and like 10 other people who all treated her like she was a joke. Poor Jane, I really can picture this girls life when I hear this song. And there is something about the simple beauty of this song, I guess I can appreciate that Perry paints this picture of this girls life so simply and matter-of-factly- , you don'‘t have to read between the lines or look for meanings or symbolism. Its just all there,for us to picture Jane and her wig and her endless dreams about Sapin and promises to quit tomorrow. Poor Jane, good luck, babe...we do love your song though.…
Well, there's three. I have to finish the rest tomorrow, its almost 6 in the AM, and I guess this is when I force myself to sleep until 8 when Tj wakes up. be continued...
Good nite...